Use yellow boards against insects - how it works

Use yellow boards against insects - how it works

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Yellow boards or glue boards work extremely well against unpleasant insects. We will tell you how to apply the adhesive stickers here.

Especially in summer you can see countless insects buzzing around all garden plants. Many don't bother, but there are also species such as the cicada that can cause considerable damage to the plant. Therefore, you should react in time and do something about the insects. The easiest and most effective way is with yellow boards.

What are yellow boards

You will find yellow boards, or glue boards, in almost every garden or hardware store. These are yellow strips of cardboard coated with a special glue. The insects simply stick to this glue.

How to attach the yellow boards?

You can either put the boards or the strips directly into the plant pot or hang them up nearby. A thin wire is suitable for this, which is attached depending on the local conditions, or directly on the plant stem (if strong enough).

Hanging up yellow boards - when?

It is advisable to place the yellow boards as early as possible, but the glue boards still do their job in late summer. For a cherry tree, for example, the best time is when the cherries are still green and are only beginning to turn yellow.

Which insects help against yellow tablets?

Harmful insects are mainly aphids, leaf flies or mosquitoes. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent beneficial organisms from sticking to the adhesive layer, but the scent of the glue mainly attracts the pests.As the yellow tablets are already available as stickers, you can choose between many different shapes. These then also have a certain function for decoration. If the adhesive tape is old or full, simply replace it.