Homemade gifts from the garden: 9 ideas presented

Homemade gifts from the garden: 9 ideas presented

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Homemade gifts from the garden are always a great souvenir for friends or family. We would therefore like to present 9 ideas for such gifts.

Gifts from your own garden are always well received

The own garden offers its owners innumerable possibilities every year to produce or prepare creative gifts themselves, which can range from jam, various liqueurs to their own soap collection.

Some ideas are so extraordinary that they always receive a particularly large amount of attention as a guest gift, such as the homemade violet chocolate or the glass of dandelion champagne honey. We would like to introduce you to a few gift ideas in more detail here.

Homemade gifts from the garden: 9 ideas presented

Idea No. 1 - jam, juice and chutneys:

Almost every garden fruit today enables the production of delicious jams that, depending on the combination idea, are not available in general grocery stores. Variations with champagne, chocolate or sharpener such as e.g. Chili.

But it's not just jam that can be easily made from fruit and vegetables. You can e.g. also press fresh juice and create delicious chutneys.

»Our tips:

Tomato jam, pumpkin chutney, pickled zucchini, Christmas plum chutney with cinnamon, cherry chili chutney, onion chutney with beer flavor, elder chutney with prosecco, dandelion honey with ginger (here further recipes with dandelion) and sea buckthorn the like more.

Idea No. 2 - herbal oils, herbal vinegar and pesto:

Herbs of all kinds are always particularly good as Green gift, especially since they can be processed optimally, even when dry.

In addition to a mixture of dry herbs in a nicely packaged glass or herbs soaked in salt, you can also easily and quickly produce your own customized herbal oils and vinegars.

" Tip:

Alternatively, you can also make delicious herb pesto or herb mustard and fill it in decorative glasses. However, you should always point out that it is consumed quickly.

Idea No. 3 - liqueurs and syrups:

The garden also offers a huge abundance of fruit for the production of liqueurs, such as various types of nut with which aromatic nut liqueurs can be conjured up, as well as any kind of fruit for fruity fruit liqueurs.

" Tip:

Strawberry limes and raspberry limes are of course always popular in this context. But a heavenly liqueur can also be conjured up from delicate rose petals! Just like a combination of dandelion and orange will surely amaze some palates immediately.

Within the category syrup becomes the elderflower syrup due to the fashion drink Hugo now quite often manufactured. Elderberry syrup can also be used to mix a fruity lemonade and to aromatize some herbal teas.

Idea No. 4 - Herbal pillows and herbal mixtures:

Our creative suggestions also include an herbal pillow. You can easily create this yourself by using a cotton fabric cover with fragrant herbs such as Fill lavender, wild herbs, hops, etc.

So here you can calmly prove your technical skills in handling the sewing machine and conjure up decorative pillows. It is best to decorate them with small pearls or sequins.

Idea No. 5 - Home-baked and tea blends:

You can also make homemade herb biscuits, fresh herb bread, your own herbal tea blend and the like from a variety of ingredients. For a tea blend, simply harvest the herbs, wash them, pat them dry, bundle them and hang them upside down to dry.

Just try a few things here. With ingredients from your own garden, the whole thing tastes twice as good, of course.

Idea No. 6 - bath products and scented soaps:

The production of rose flower oil and lavender flower oil, which has a pleasant care effect as a bath additive, is also extremely popular. You can also easily make scented soaps yourself. Of course, you need some ingredients from the pharmacy (such as caustic soda) or the health food store (such as hard fats and oils).

" Tip:

Alternatively, you can also finely chop a core soap with a kitchen grater. Then pour boiling water over it and add your own fragrance oils. Process the ingredients into a homogeneous mass, add any dried herbs or petals and process them into individual soap bars. Place them on an oilcloth and let them dry well!

Idea No. 7 - bouquet, potpurris and plant pots:

A pretty bouquet or a small plant bowl with offshoots from your own garden will surely always be a good gift. Here nicely decorated clay pots can serve as planters for small plant trimmings, which results in a charming souvenir.

Of course, you can also produce pleasantly fragrant potpurris from dried herbs and flowers.

Idea No. 8 - Chocolate:

The production of own violet chocolate is a little more unusual. Simply melt whole milk chocolate, pour it into molds, decorate with violet flowers, let the chocolate harden, wrap in aluminum foil and decorate with decorative ribbons.

" Tip:

Alternatively, you can use young rose petals or daisy flowers instead of violet flowers.

Idea No. 9 - honey and ointments:

Very healthy - also helps with colds - is the production of your own dandelion honey, nettle honey or calendula ointment, etc. (link tip: 5 delicious nettle recipes presented)

Colorful vegetable pillows and / or fruit boxes are also extremely popular, for which small wooden boxes or boxes from the supermarket are well suited. Line them with colorful napkins, fill them with straw or hay if necessary and decorate them with your own garden fruits.

" Tip:

This Green gift you can also combine it perfectly with your own jam jars or herbal oils.

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