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Garden room dividers: 8 ideas for your garden

Garden room dividers: 8 ideas for your garden

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Garden room dividers are not just there to structure a garden. They can also be used to create cozy corners. Here are 8 ideas of what such a room divider can look like.

Green in green is the motto of the hedging room divider

Many gardens can usually be made even more effective by a clever room layout. This works best with special garden room dividers or with appropriately arranged plant discounts. The great thing about these garden room dividers: with them, the garden can not only be structured, they can also serve as a privacy screen in the garden. So you kill two birds with one stone.

There are certainly many different variants of the garden room dividers. We would like to present 8 ideas here how such a garden room divider can be constructed.

Garden room dividers: 8 ideas for your garden

Idea No. 1 - hedge room divider

Green in green is the motto of the hedge room divider in the garden, which retains its intense color even in winter. For which boxwoods of all sizes (heights) are ideal. But also cherry laurel, thuja and juniper varieties. But privet hedges also look great.

And with this room division, which is based purely on plants, a high degree of flexibility also comes first. Because the hedge plants can be easily arranged in a wide variety of patterns and rows. Before you plant the hedge, you may want to consider a pattern.

Idea No. 2 - flowering room dividers

In terms of flexibility, flowering room dividers are in no way inferior to hedges. However, in winter they increasingly create a dreary picture because they often cut back completely hoping for a new spring awakening.

Garden room dividers can look very different

However, from spring to autumn they delight every garden owner with a colorful bloom. So when planting, you have to make sure that you choose plants for the room divider that bloom one after the other so that the garden room divider doesn't look bare at some point.

Idea No. 3 - wooden room divider

In the garden specialty store, many wooden room dividers are now available in various dimensions (length and height) and design versions, which only need to be repainted from time to time. In this way, they defy a wide variety of weather conditions and can also be used as a privacy screen.

Garden room dividers made of wood can also serve as a privacy screen

Idea No. 4 - wooden room divider vs. plants

A combination of plant room divider and wood room divider is possible at any time, e.g. with tendrils. But it is even better if you build the wooden room divider yourself and also equip it with plants.

A simple construction variant results e.g. by placing fence posts, which you can equip with wooden planks on both sides at slightly offset, generous distances. If you add wooden boards to these plank sections, depending on your taste, they can act as a kind of flower trough and can be equipped with a variety of plant pots as you wish.

Idea number 5 - gabions

Especially within modern garden architecture, stones collected in grids are currently absolutely trendy garden room dividers. Especially since gabions can be erected flexibly in height and width and at the same time e.g. serve as a seat.

Gabions are very modern

Which stones you use for this is up to you. Our tip: It is best to use stones with different colors. So you can even work patterns into the stone fence.

Idea No. 6 - flower troughs

Flower troughs are certainly one of the most popular garden room dividers. Especially since they can be moved to another location at any time without much effort. Planting the troughs can be designed depending on the version (e.g. with trellis) and dimensions. From a certain height, the plant troughs can then also serve as a screen.

Flower troughs made of plastic rattan are considered to be absolutely trend-oriented and can be optimally combined to create a matching seating set.

Idea number 7 - white stone wall

The southern philosophy of life in the garden can be achieved by erecting a white stone wall. Spiked with clay pots or cacti, you can even feel a touch of Mediterranean flair.

A white stone wall exudes Mediterranean flair

Idea No. 8 - wrought iron room divider

You can also set up extremely filigree-looking wrought iron room dividers within your garden. But you can also use nicely stacked firewood as a garden room divider - divisible with a garden fireplace, which looks very rustic.