Allow green tomatoes to ripen

Allow green tomatoes to ripen

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When the end of the tomato harvest season is slowly approaching, most are at a loss. Because what happens to the green tomatoes now? Very simple: let them ripen!

Green tomatoes ripen in the dark -

When the time is right for autumn, most tomatoes are often far from being. Because the days from October are usually too short to let the green tomatoes ripen. It is already too cold. So the green tomatoes have no chance to ripen. The nightly dew is also a big problem for them. This makes them glassy, ​​which in turn can cause them to start to rot. It can also cause the tomatoes to burst.

But what should you do with the green tomatoes? Before clever slogans come now, let them ripen on the bush - that's clear to everyone. But what do you do when the green tomatoes in the garden no longer ripen or even fall off? Very simple: then let the tomatoes ripen in the house! You have three options. But first we want to clarify why you have to let the tomatoes ripen at all.

Why do green tomatoes have to ripen?

You absolutely have to let green tomatoes ripen because they do Active ingredient solanine contain. It is a bitter substance that tomatoes produce to protect themselves from diseases and pests. And exactly this substance is toxic. So if you eat unripe tomatoes, there may be signs of intoxication. These include e.g. Nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea and headache. These usually occur when 25 milligrams of solanine are consumed. From 400 milligrams, the natural poison is even fatal.
Source: German Green Cross

When the tomatoes have ripened, you no longer have to be afraid. Only a small part of solanine is then contained in the green batch. For every 100 grams there is only 1 milligram of solanine. So they don't fall over straight away. If you still want to be safe, just cut out the green part before eating.

This is how green tomatoes ripen

Ripen tomatoes in a box / in a paper bag:

Harvest the tomatoes with part of the stems and let them ripen in a dark and warm room. It is best to put the fruit in a box or box and put it in the kitchen. Because the tomatoes now need temperatures between 16 and 25 degrees. However, light is not necessary. So the green tomatoes turn red in a few days.

If you only want to ripen a small amount of green tomatoes, you can also wrap them in newspaper or put them in a paper bag. Then the tomatoes must be stored in a warm room again.

A little hint:

You can also speed up the ripening process. For example, by adding an apple to the tomatoes. This secretes a ripening gas called ethylene that supports the process.

Allow tomatoes to ripen on the bush:

If the tomatoes are still on the shrub and no longer want to ripen in the garden, you can also cut off the whole plant, remove the leaves and hang it upside down in a warm place (e.g. in the boiler room). The tomatoes also ripen and become a lot more aromatic than in the loose state.

Allow tomatoes to ripen in a clay pot:

Tomatoes also ripen well in clay pots. So if you have a clay or Roman pot, first put it in the water for a few hours. Then you have to put the tomatoes in the moistened clay pot and cover them. For a clay pot, e.g. a sound coaster very well. Then you have to put the pot in a warm place in the house.

Now turn the lid over so that you can fill the trough with water. If the water evaporates, this increases the air humidity. So always refill with water as soon as it evaporates. As a result, the tomatoes turn red within a very short time and are therefore edible.