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Cut trees - that's how it's done

Cut trees - that's how it's done

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As soon as winter clears up again, you should cut the trees. Read here when you should do this and what you need to consider.

Always cut trees back in spring

Trees (primarily fruit trees, berry bushes, flower bushes and roses) should always be cut back in spring. The advantage of spring pruning is clearly that the shape of the wood without leaves is much more recognizable, or that wood without leaves can be shaped more easily.

"Shrubs are being reduced
"Old wood is removed
"the fruit development and flower strength is promoted
"A stable and above all healthier growth is guaranteed

When should you cut trees?
The best time for pruning is in the summer flowering period between February and March, i.e. before budding. You can prune late bloomers immediately after the frosty days. Of course, you can also cut back certain types of wood and hedge plants in late autumn.

" Tip: Make sure that the lowest possible frost temperatures occur when performing the cut. Ideally, you should only cut back at plus temperatures.

You should use suitable tools for cutting so that the trees do not have to accept more cuts than necessary. You should also grind a blunt saw or cutting scissors again beforehand.

Thanks to the clearing cut, the sun can shine through the tree tops again. This has the advantage that the fruits on the fruit trees in particular get more sunlight and ripen much more tastefully. On top of that, a sensible pruning will dry the foliage much better in the coming season, which means that fungal diseases are less common in the wood.

" Tip: You can close or treat interfaces with wound closure agents (available here) from specialist retailers. Such agents are ideal for long-lasting frost days.

Remove branches
In principle, you should first thoroughly remove all dead branches from the wood during spring pruning. The same applies to branches hanging too low as well as branches that have been opened and that are growing too close together or overlapping.

" Tip: Always cut open branches because they quickly attract diseases!