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Daffodils no longer bloom - tips for care

Daffodils no longer bloom - tips for care

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Your daffodils just stopped blooming? It's annoying, but not hopeless. Here you will find the solution and other care tips.

If daffodils suddenly stop blooming, the reason is often that the main bulb has too many and too many secondary bulb shoots. But this can be remedied very quickly and easily, more on that later. Another reason for the non-blooming of the daffodils can be diseases and pests that rob the daffodil of its strength. Also check if the flowers are lacking in nutrients. If there is a deficit, a portion of fertilizer is often sufficient.

What to do when daffodils stop blooming?

  • Check the location
    Daffodils must not be too dark. An alternating shady location is optimal.
  • Dispose of in case of illness
    If one of your daffodils is infected, you must dispose of the onion as soon as possible. Otherwise there is a risk of contagion for the other daffodils.
  • Too many auxiliary bulbs
    The most common reason that your daffodils don't bloom is due to the formation of too many bulbs. Think of it like this: The main onion forms many small onions, which then remove the nutrients from the mother onion. All the power goes into the small bulbs and the bloom does not come.
  • Split onions
    To solve the above problem, you need to split the bulb bulbs. When the main flowering period is over, the bulbs are taken out of the ground and the small bulbs are carefully removed.
  • Proper storage of the onions
    The divided onions are stored over the summer in the cellar, which in the best case is very airy. A room temperature of five to ten degrees is ideal, without direct sunlight.

In order not to experience the absence of flowers in a year at all, it makes sense to take preventive measures. If the bulbs are divided regularly, roughly every four to five years, too many secondary bulbs do not form at all.


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