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Sharing dahlias - it's that easy

Sharing dahlias - it's that easy

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You can split the tubers

As the tubers of dahlias grow larger over time, it is advisable that you divide the tubers of the dahlias.

Just split tubers
Dahlias can easily be propagated by dividing the tubers. However, this has the disadvantage that the plant no longer grows as large as it was before and does not bloom as abundantly. Although the plant grows again over time, you have to make compromises right at the beginning. This propagation method is also only suitable for large tubers. But there are other ways you can multiply dahlias.

Propagation via cuttings
Another possibility is the propagation via cuttings. The first shoots that grow out of the tubers of the dahlia in early summer are cut off. These shoots are put into soil and provided with a plastic hood. Don't forget to aerate and water the young plant regularly. The first roots developed two to three weeks later. The tips of the shoots should be cut again and again, as a result of which the dahlias branch better. When summer is just around the corner, the dahlias can be planted out in the garden. This should happen in mid to late May.