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Remove weeds - how it works

Remove weeds - how it works

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Loosen the soil regularly

You may not believe it, but even removing weeds can do a lot wrong.

Weeds contest the habitat of other plants
First of all, it should be clear that you should weed not only because of the beauty of the beds, but also so that the habitat of the other plants is not contested. Mulch layers such as bark mulch or grass clippings can help, but they cannot completely suppress the weeds. A weed fleece helps more.

It is best to loosen the soil regularly
If you want to do without something like a weed fleece, you have to put up with the fact that you have to remove the weeds regularly. On the one hand by plucking weeds and on the other hand by loosening the soil. Because this also destroys weeds. It is even torn out directly at the root. Some weeds, on the other hand, can only be mastered if you also remove the root. Dandelion is a weed. And for all those who cry outraged that dandelions and other plants also have permission in the garden: They can grow and bloom, but not in the flower bed!

Here's a little tip: Weeds are much easier to handle and remove when the soil is wet. So take the watering can or the garden hose at hand and moisten the floor.