Loosening the soil - what does it do?

Loosening the soil - what does it do?

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Chopping once saves watering three times

Again and again you hear that you should loosen the soil. This should save a lot of water. But what does loosening the soil have to do with saving water?

After heavy rain, loosen the soil
Every gardener knows that the soil should be loosened so that the water can penetrate better. So far that's correct, but that's not the whole truth. By loosening up, you can also prevent the water that is already in the ground from evaporating. Because of the so-called capillary effect, water rises to the surface and evaporates there. So the floor dries out very quickly. That's why loosening is particularly important, especially after heavy rain. As a result, the water is stored in the soil many times longer and you no longer have to water as often.

Chopping once saves watering three times
An old gardener rule says that one chop saves watering three times. It's worth a try, the plants, the environment and your wallet will thank you. Furthermore, always loosen the ground with a hoe. This should be used especially in flower beds.