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Cut walnut tree - this is how it's done

Cut walnut tree - this is how it's done

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Walnut trees can get huge

The walnut tree in your own garden is becoming increasingly popular. Today we would like to describe how you should cut a walnut tree.

Walnut trees can get huge
If you intend to get such a tree, you will be able to harvest abundantly. But you should also be prepared that the tree can grow very large. Tree tops up to ten meters in diameter are not uncommon. In order to curb the size, an annual pruning should take place. We have noted here when and how you should do this for you.

Cut walnut tree in late summer
It is always cut in late summer, ideally from mid-August to late September. The reason is the sap pressure of the tree. The growth is enormous in spring. The result: when cut, the tree bleeds and loses too much fluid. This can damage the tree. In contrast, in late summer or early autumn the pressure is much lower. The wounds should not be closed, the tree does it itself.

This is how you should cut the walnut tree:
In the first year, cut back every second shoot by up to 1.5 meters. In addition, steeply rising shoots should be cut. The remaining shoots are cut the following year. By the way: the cut means that you do not lose any crop yield.