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Piling Earth - Why is It Important?

Piling Earth - Why is It Important?

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Pile up the earth

There are many types of vegetables that grow particularly well when the soil is piled up. This should not happen after planting, but only when the plant has grown well.

Pile up vegetables
You can assume that this will be the case after two weeks. The earth is then piled up on a stick to a small mountain. Make sure that the soil is slightly damp but does not form lumps. By accumulating, you achieve that the plant forms much more side roots than usual and can therefore absorb more water and nutrients. The plants become stronger and the fruits bigger.

Add enough fertilizer
It is ideal to pile up the soil for vegetables such as tomatoes, celery, potatoes, cabbage, peas and bush beans. Always add enough, but not too much fertilizer. Because the higher absorption of nutrients, the plants can absorb more fertilizer than usual. Too much fertilizer would mean overeating and the vegetables could be damaged.

Pile up roses
But piling up doesn't just make sense with vegetables. You can also pile roses. If you want to protect roses from the cold in winter, you can pile them up. But you should also pile roses planted in autumn or spring. This is important because the accumulation of new fibers creates roots.


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