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Use beneficials in the garden

Use beneficials in the garden

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Shelters for beneficials

If you no longer want to bother with pests, you should use beneficials in the garden.

You can attract beneficial organisms
Just open your own beneficial garden. You don't even need much for that. A wooden frame, maybe a discarded shelf, which you divide into compartments and fill with straw, wood, leaves, potsherds and stones - that is usually enough. Over time, the beneficial organisms will nest there on their own. But they are also at home in brushwood piles, dry stone walls and in the pond. As you can see, there is no need to buy beneficial organisms. If you have such beneficials in the garden, you no longer have to resort to the chemical club, because these small animals do their best to free the garden from pests.

Aphid has many enemies
The aphid in particular has many enemies that can be found in every garden. The best known is probably the ladybug. But the lacewing larvae also like to eat aphids for their lives. Just like the hoverfly larvae. She not only sticks to aphids, but also has other leaf suckers on her menu. The trained hoverflies are also pollen collectors who are not only responsible for pollination but also deter insects.

Food and wintering
Just give it a try and lure beneficials into your garden. If you have varied plants in your garden, then provide the beneficial animals with enough food. Note that beneficial organisms usually overwinter in perennials. Do not cut them back until spring.


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