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Basil as a container plant - Magic Blue basil plant

Basil as a container plant - Magic Blue basil plant

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Basil tastes very good

As a rule, basil is a low-growing plant that you sow, harvest and you're done. You can also keep basil as a container plant.

Basil plant Magic Blue
There is a basil plant that can be kept as a container plant for many years. her name is Magic Blue and is perfect for the terrace or balcony. It forms long stems that wood over time and can thus become a real bush. Alternatively, you can also pull them as a standard. This is not only practical because you always have fresh basil to use in the kitchen, but the plant looks great, especially when it blooms. It does this in the colors blue to violet and smells particularly good. By the way, you can also eat the flowers and put them in the salad.

The basil shrub is not hardy
Warning: The basil shrub can be used again every year because it is pulled over cuttings, but it is not winter-proof and must therefore be brought indoors in the cold months. Throughout the summer, the basil plant Magic Blue delivers high yields with a full aroma. If you cook with this basil, your dishes will not only taste very aromatic, they will also have a Far Eastern touch.