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Tropical plants in the winter garden - mango, papaya and Co.

Tropical plants in the winter garden - mango, papaya and Co.

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How about mangoes?

Many have a winter garden. This is something really fine. Many put a lot of plants in there. Some even have tropical plants in the winter garden.

Bring south home
Conservatories can be used in many different ways. While some only stock the winter garden with easy-care plants that can withstand cooler temperatures, other tropical plants stand in to bring the south home.

Conservatory must be heated
The prerequisite that tropical plants can be placed in the winter garden is, however, that the winter garden can be heated. Tropical fruits in particular need it warm. Some temperatures are around 12 to 15 degrees, others want to feel more than 20 degrees to thrive. But that also means that in the cold season, the heating must always be on, so that something becomes with the plants.

Enjoy tropical plants from your own harvest
Many amateur gardeners of tropical fruits, which can be grown perfectly in the winter garden, are particularly impressed. Papaya, mango or even the lychee thrive in a warm and bright winter garden. If you want to try this, you should find out exactly what conditions the individual tropical plants need before buying. So you will have a lot of fun with it and if it is tropical fruit, you can taste it from your own harvest.


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