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Gardening in spring - 4 tasks

Gardening in spring - 4 tasks

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There is a lot to do in the spring

In spring there is a lot to do in the garden. It is hard to believe. Find out which gardening you should do in spring here.

Don't do everything at once
When winter is slowly saying goodbye and the spring sun not only warms our minds, but also the plants in the garden, then it is time to get out spades, rakes & Co. and start to work. You should try not to do everything at the same time. The year is still young, you still have a lot of time. It is also important to wait for certain times for some work. Here are our tips for your spring work.

Gardening in spring - 4 tasks

  1. Before using equipment, check whether it is still functional. This can prevent injuries. It also makes sense to check whether the devices have not rusted.
  2. Anyone who has protected the plants from frost with mulch and leaf layers in autumn should remove these layers, because if the spring sun warms the soil, it would be difficult for this layer to penetrate.
  3. Soil cultivation, i.e. loosening and fertilizing, should only be done when the soil is dry, otherwise there will be lumps and the nutrients cannot be absorbed.
  4. You can confidently make the first lawn cut in March. On this occasion, the old leaves that are still lying around from autumn and winter are also chopped. A good fertilizer!


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