Fighting lawn weeds - Here's how

Fighting lawn weeds - Here's how

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Do not use weed killers

If you have a garden, you also pay particular attention to lawn care when caring for it. It also includes fighting weeds.

Everything can bloom in the farm meadow
It depends on your own taste whether you want an English lawn or whether it can also be a farm meadow. Everything is allowed to bloom and flourish in the farmer's meadow as it wishes, but not in the English lawn. But weeds don't stick to that.

Do not use weed killers
First of all, it is surely a shame to say weeds to pretty flowers such as honorary prizes, daisies and dandelions. In the lawn, however, they bother many amateur gardeners. To get a grip on it, you can of course use weed killers, but that shouldn't happen because it has no place in nature.

Fighting lawn weeds
If weed occurs only occasionally in the lawn, then you should do the work and go hunting with a weed cutter. See our weed sticks comparison. If you want to have a beautiful lawn, you just have to suffer. If the weeds are rampant, then you will not be able to avoid scarifying the lawn. Weeds are most difficult when it comes to turfing.


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