Fighting snowball leaf beetles - how it's done

Fighting snowball leaf beetles - how it's done

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Collect the larvae

Do you have a snowball in the garden? Then you definitely know the voracious snowball leaf beetles. Find out how to fight snowball leaf beetles here.

Snowball leaf beetles damage the shrub
If you have a snowball in the garden, you have a beautiful plant that has wonderful white flowers and exudes a wonderful fragrance. But like most other plants, the snowball in the insect kingdom has enemies that can be dangerous to it. The snowball leaf beetle deserves special mention here. It is not the actual beetle that causes the damage, but the larvae.

Larvae hatch in May
In September and October, the snowball leaf beetle lays its eggs in holes that it has eaten in the branches. The larvae hatch in May. At the end of June, all larvae pupate in the soil. However, this does not mean that the snowball tree now has peace of mind against the pests. The beetles hatch in August. You will then eat comfortably around the snowball until the end of October. However, the larvae are the ones that do more damage.

What do the larvae look like?
The snowball leaf beetle larvae are easy to spot: they are yellow and have black warts on their bodies. They feed on the leaves of the plant. They can be found on the underside of the sheet. There they devour the lower layers of tissue. This creates holes in the leaves.

Fight snowball leaf beetles
If the larvae are a little older, they sometimes eat the whole leaf bare. This so-called skeletal damage damages the snowball particularly badly. Therefore, check the leaves of your snowball regularly and remove the larvae by plucking individual leaves or shaking off the animals. You can then dispose of the larvae with the help of a cloth.


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