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Column apple trees - 3 varieties

Column apple trees - 3 varieties

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The apples grow on the trunk

Apple trees are very special. If you don't have enough space in the garden for an apple tree, you should get pillar apple trees.

Trees grow into a pillar
It goes without saying that an apple tree, or even better two apple trees, in the garden are not just pieces of jewelery, but also ensure rich harvests. The problem that many gardeners have: The space in the garden is too small to plant apple trees. But of course there is a solution and that is called pillar apples. These are apple tree varieties that are grown so that they grow into a column. Although they can reach a height of up to three meters, they only have a maximum diameter of 60 centimeters - and everyone has that much space in their garden.

Fruits grow on the trunk
In addition, these apple trees look great. The special thing about it is that the fruits do not grow on the branches, but directly on the trunk. No branches can break off due to the weight. However, there are always branches that become independent and shoot outwards. These should be cut in June or July. This also has the advantage that more nutrients flow to the fruit and the formation of new fruit wood is promoted. So if you don't have a lot of space in the garden, you should definitely consider whether you want to plant such trees. You only have to choose one variety.

Column apple trees - 3 varieties

  1. Black McIntosh: These are medium to large apples that are dark red. The apples also taste sweet and are very juicy. This variety is undemanding. So just the thing for beginners.
  2. Red River: The apples are very large and have a nice red-yellow color. They have a spicy taste and are slightly acidic. This is a column apple tree variety that hardly forms side branches.
  3. Golden Gate: These are delicious, sweet-tasting apples that are medium-sized and shine yellow-red. The flesh of these apples is juicy and firm.