5 tips for the garden in August

5 tips for the garden in August

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There is still a lot to do in the garden in August. You can find out what work you should not miss in our small summary.

August is a wonderful month to enjoy your garden to the fullest. But in addition to relaxing and barbecuing, there are also some tasks that need to be done before the start of autumn. It does not necessarily have to be digging or planting, even if this is one of the main areas in the garden.

1. Plant the autumn bloomers now

Most bulbs that bloom in autumn or next spring are planted in July. But garden lovers also have the opportunity to plant onion plants in August. These include:

2. Take offshoot

Another activity that is predestined for garden August is to take off plants from various plants. Classic offshoots come from violets, ground cover plants such as the evergreen creeping spindle and the so-called stork's beak. Incidentally, ground cover plants can also be propagated through woody cuttings, but these are only cut in autumn.

3. Cut the hedge

Cutting hedges is also typical for August. For example, the tree hedge and the various bush hedges tolerate the cut very well in late summer. But watch out! Radical cuts are prohibited because hedges are often the breeding ground for birds.

4. Plant strawberries

They are delicious, juicy and sweet - if you want to harvest delicious strawberries next year, you have to go to the bed in August. Strawberries will be planted until around mid-August. It is important that you choose a location where strawberries have not been planted for at least four years. For the winter months, the strawberry plants are given a straw cover as protection.

5. Buy new bulbs

The August weeks are a good time to buy new bulbs for the coming season. Spring bloomers like tulips, daffodils and hyacinths come into the earth in autumn. Get your favorite stock in August so that planting can start in September.