Fighting mosquitoes - 3 tips

Fighting mosquitoes - 3 tips

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Mosquitoes are very annoying

In summer, many like to sit on their terrace. However, mosquitoes usually annoy you. Learn how to fight mosquitoes here.

Annoying pests: mosquitoes
Staying in the garden is not only pleasant. Especially when it is very warm, there is a flying problem: mosquitoes! These nuisances multiply especially in rain barrels in ponds and wherever it is damp. So that you are not tormented by the mosquitos, we have put together a few tips for you on how to fight these annoying little animals.

Fighting mosquitoes - 3 tips

  1. Insect spray: These sprays are simply applied to the skin and are supposed to keep the mosquitoes away. Some sprays even care for the skin.
  2. Anti-mosquito candles: They are placed on the table or in beds and are intended to prevent the mosquitoes from approaching. The smell scares off the pests. Incense sticks that can be stuck into the ground are also suitable.
  3. Various plants offer natural defense, which can be placed in a pot on the terrace or planted around the seat. These include eucalyptus, citrus shrub and also scented geraniums, which not only keep mosquitoes away, but are also particularly decorative.

But if you pay attention to covered rain barrels and empty coasters right from the start, you won't have any breeding grounds for the mosquitos and you will have to deal with much less.


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