Garden on a hillside - 3 design tips

Garden on a hillside - 3 design tips

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Create different terraces

There is probably no optimal garden. It is either too small, too shady, too sunny, too flat or too hilly. A garden on a slope in particular can bring a gardener to despair.

Make your garden an eye-catcher
In a hillside garden, you can often not realize yourself as you might want. Surely you cannot do everything that others have in a hillside garden. Large lawns for playing ball are not suitable. But you can still design a great garden that will be a real eye-catcher. We would like to present 3 tips for the perfect design of gardens with a slope.

Garden on a hillside - 3 design tips

  1. Create a stream. Others cannot do that with a flat garden. The water will then automatically flow down the course for you.
  2. Create different terraces. You can then subdivide them. One for vegetables, one for roses, one for perennials etc.
  3. Different levels make the garden really interesting. Connect these levels with stairs and paths, with walls and small hills and maybe with a pond on two levels.

As you can see, there are still some ideas that can spice up a hillside garden. Just try one or more tips. You will then be envied for your beautiful garden.