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Control pests on water lilies

Control pests on water lilies

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Check your water lilies regularly

The beloved water lilies can also be infected by pests. We would like to present three pests on water lilies.

leaf beetle
A leaf beetle very often occurs, which is colored yellow-brown and places larvae on the leaves. These now feast on the leaves and irreparably damage them. But not only the leaves are eaten, these beetles also make their way to the flowers.

Waterlily aphids
Another pest occurs in water lilies, especially in the specimens that are close to the shore and whose leaves or stems are partially outside the water surface, i.e. have a direct connection to the shore. Water lily aphids can settle there, which suck the leaves out. They also leave honeydew, which will soon be populated with sooty mildew.

A third in the bunch is the water lily spike or its larvae, which also tamper with the leaves and eat them in an oval shape.

Fight pests
Since no pesticides may be used in the pond, there is only one thing left to do: spray the pests with a sharp water jet or clean the leaves by hand. Check your water lilies regularly for pests.


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