Planting bulbs - step by step instructions

Planting bulbs - step by step instructions

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Pay attention to firm bulbs when you buy them

In autumn the bulbs of the spring bloomers come into the earth, in spring those of the autumn bloomers. If you want to plant flower bulbs, there are a few things to consider.

Plant bulbs

  1. Pay attention to firm onions when you buy them. Under no circumstances should you buy soft, moldy or putrid onions. At home you should also pay attention to this when storing and sort it out if necessary. You should store the onions at a temperature of 10 ° C to 15 ° C.
  2. If the onions are worked into the soil, then an onion planter is recommended, with which you can easily pierce the holes at exactly the right depth. The onion should always be twice as deep as it is thick.
  3. The floor should be permeable and free from waterlogging. Flower bulbs also love the sun.
  4. When planting, you should always look closely at where the top and bottom are. Sometimes this can only be recognized by very fine and small roots. Then place the onions in the planting hole with the tip up.
  5. Then you should cover the bulbs with humus rich soil. Press it lightly.
  6. After flowering, you need to cut off the faded parts. The green remains and is only removed when it becomes yellow and withered.


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