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Planting blackberries - how it's done

Planting blackberries - how it's done

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Blackberries are quite undemanding and robust plants. But if you want to get a rich harvest every year, you have to consider a lot when planting and also when caring for it.

Blackberries love to be sunny

Blackberries are extremely popular with young and old. Often you can't even process blackberries into jams, cakes or other delicacies because they are just perfect for a quick snack. Just pick it up and put it in your mouth. The large, magnificent blackberries are of course particularly tasty. In order for them to grow so big and the bush is full of blackberries, there are a few things to consider when planting.

" My advice: In the case of blackberries, not only are the fruits a feast for the palate - you can make a tincture and even a tea from the leaves (recipe at It's worth trying it out! Blackberry tea, for example, is preferred for diarrhea.

Planting blackberries - important facts for a rich harvest

➤ The optimal location for blackberries

Blackberries love to be sunny. So it's best to find a spot in your garden where the sun is all day. But make sure that the shrub is protected from the wind (for example, in front of house walls). The blackberry has no special requirements with regard to the soil.

However, waterlogging should be avoided.

➤ The right time for planting

Blackberries are usually available in potted plants. Therefore, you can actually plant the delicious plant all year round. However, spring is best when the ground is slowly warming up but still contains enough moisture from winter. Under these conditions, the roots have to grow particularly quickly. Alternatively, you can plant the shrub in late summer or autumn. Because then the days will be cooler again.

➤ Build planting fence / climbing aid

When growing blackberries, it is recommended to give them a climbing aid. Then there is order in the blackberry bed right from the start. Because the plant would move in all directions without a trellis and leave a big tangled warr. In the long term, you would only be able to manage this with a radical cut.

Trellises with up to 5 horizontal wires, which are coated with plastic, have proven particularly successful. A distance of 30-40 centimeters should be maintained. The first wire should only start at a height of 50 centimeters. Some plants, such as the “Jumbo”, grow particularly tall. A trellis of at least 5 meters in length should be available.

➤ Plant blackberries - explained step by step

When the few preparations are made, planting can begin.

" Step 1:
Before the plant is planted in the soil, it must be watered thoroughly. It is best to place the plant in a bucket of water for a while so that everything can swell up. Then loosen the root ball well so that the roots can breathe and develop well.

" Step 2:
Now you have to dig deep into the ground. The root ball must be slightly lower than the actual soil. It can be beneficial for growth if you add a generous amount of compost to the soil. This ensures the nutrient supply.

Tip: If you want to introduce several plants, you should keep a planting distance of about 80 centimeters.

" Step 3:
When the bramble is now in the ground, give up the rest of the soil, press it firmly and then water it again extensively.