Flowers for every season - the season bed

Flowers for every season - the season bed

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Just put on a nice seasonal bed

A very original idea is the so-called seasonal bed. If you want to plant flowers in your garden for all seasons, then you should plant such a bed.

Create a season bed
For a seasonal bed, you have to divide a circle into twelve pieces of equal size. Of course, it doesn't have to be a circle, a rectangular bed of course also looks very nice. You have to plant these twelve small beds depending on the season. The seasonal flower bed blooms every month in a different field. We have put together an overview of which plants you could use for your seasonal bed, for example.

Flowers for every season
January: snowdrops and Christmas roses
February: crocus and winter aconite
March: daffodils and March cups
April: tulips, carnations and stone herb
May: bleeding heart, bastard and bed roses
June: floribunda and lavender
July: loyalty to men and delphiniums
August: Soapwort and summer gentian
September: heather and asters
October: chrysanthemums and ornamental gourds
November: Worm fern and common grass
December: Christmas roses and ivy

These plantings are of course only a suggestion. You can make something beautiful out of it yourself. This seasonal bed is particularly popular with children. If you then frame it nicely with stones and decorate it with small accessories, maybe add a few lights, the bed is a real eye-catcher in every garden.