Multiply clematis - how it works

Multiply clematis - how it works

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If you want to multiply your most beautiful clematis, you can easily do it yourself with a few simple steps without buying a new plant.

Multiply the favorite clematis by offspring or cuttings

There is hardly a garden owner who does not have them in the garden. We are talking about the clematis. It can be planted in many places in the garden and even thrives on walls, trellises and arbors. The climbing star also impresses with its lavish bloom. In addition, the plant is very easy to care for. No wonder that many cannot get enough of her. So it's good to know how to increase the clematis. In principle, you have various options.

This is how the clematis can be multiplied

Possibility 1 - increase clematis via offshoots:

If you want to increase your clematis, you can do this e.g. make offshoots. The best time to do this is from March to August. And this is how it is done:

❶ Find a vigorous but not too old shoot from the mother plant that is long enough.

❷ Then fill a flowerpot with growing soil and dig it in at ground level within reach of the shoot.

❸ Now you have to direct the selected shoot directly to the pot. Where the shoot can reach the earth, you have to cut it. Caution: Be careful not to cut the shoot!

❹ Then you have to press the shoot into the ground and fix it with a wire, tent tent or paper clip. Of course, you can't just leave the rest of the shoot hanging. You have to tie this to a climbing aid or a thin bamboo stick.

❺ Since the shoot is connected to the mother plant, this supplies the new shoot with nutrients, on which roots should form very quickly. If new leaves form on the shoot in the coming spring, you can cut the connection to the mother plant with sharp secateurs. The new clematis can then take care of itself.

A little hint:
Protect the new shoot from severe frost in winter and cover it with brushwood or leaves.

❻ Now you can plant the young plant in a flower pot or put it directly in the garden. Then keep the plant well moist for the first few weeks.

Option 2 - multiply clematis by cutting:

Of course, you can also multiply your clematis using cuttings. This is best done because the plant is blooming. Proceed as follows:

❶ Take a sharp knife and cut the cuttings from the center of the plant. Place the cut between the leaf nodes. The shoots should be about 20 centimeters long.

❷ Now take each individual cutting and remove all but two of the leaves at the tip of the shoot. Then you need to dip the cuttings in rooting powder.

❸ Now fill nutrient-rich soil into small pots and plant the cuttings in it. Then cover with a transparent hood and place in a warm, partially shaded place.

❹ For the next eight weeks, you should make sure that the substrate does not dry out. You also need to take the hood off for about half an hour each day to ventilate.

❺ When the first fresh shoots appear, you can remove the hood. If you can see that so many roots have formed in the pot that they are already looking out of the ground, you can plant the small plants in larger pots or even outdoors. Recommended reading: Plant and maintain clematis.