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Wintering terrace plants - 3 tips

Wintering terrace plants - 3 tips

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You should take good care of patio plants in winter

Winter is the time of rest for plants. But that doesn't mean that you no longer need to maintain them. So that e.g. To be able to overwinter terrace plants, you have to check them regularly.

Pack plants well
Most of the time you want to make everything as good as possible so that the plants can survive the winter without any problems. But here, too, you can go wrong. If your plants overwinter on the terrace or balcony and have already taken care of them and packed them well, then this is the first right step. So that you can survive the winter well, we have three other important tips for you.

Wintering terrace plants - 3 tips

  1. Don't forget to water the plants! Evergreen plants need water even in winter. That's why you shouldn't just stop pouring. You should also remove the coasters from under the flower tubs, as they can freeze over in frost and this can cause root rot.
  2. If you have wrapped the flower pots with bubble wrap, make sure that the soil is not covered by the foil. This affects breathing.
  3. If it snows on your plants, please do not remove the snow. If it cannot be worn, it will fall off by itself, the rest is a natural heat protection.