Pests on conifers - how are they combated?

Pests on conifers - how are they combated?

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Even conifers are not free of pests

Conifers can be found in almost every garden. Although they are robust plants, pests can often be found on conifers.

Plant conifers
Whether the big fir, the spruce or the Thujen hedge. Conifers also have many enemies and can be affected by diseases. If you want to plant coniferous plants in your garden, you should always mix coniferous plants with deciduous trees, because this makes the plants more robust against pests.

Pests on conifers

  1. Coniferous tan: This fungal disease turns juicy green thujen into brown skeletons. You can only get a handle on this fungus with a pesticide. When buying, you should pay attention to healthy and strong plants.
  2. Mealybugs: These animals settle directly on the needles. You can easily recognize them by a white web of wool. There you suck out the needles and produce honeydew. You can master the mealybugs with a sharp jet of water. Check again and again!
  3. Juniper rust: This is a fungal disease that manifests itself in thickening of the branches, from which a slimy liquid emerges and affects the leaves. If plants are infected, you should cut them generously.
  4. Scale insects: Even scale insects suck the juice out of the needles and damage the plant. Infested shoots and branches should simply be cut off and checked regularly.
  5. Spruce gall louse: These pests nest on young shoots and damage the plant. You can easily recognize them by the white structures that become walnut-sized. You must cut off infected shoots.