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Plant protection in November - 5 important tips

Plant protection in November - 5 important tips

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Plant protection is also important in winter. In November you should therefore check all your plants for pests again.

Check your plants again for pests before winter

Plant protection in November
Even if pests are not active, you can contain them or ensure that they do not spread in spring. Here are 5 important tips:

  1. If you make the garden winter-proof, take care when laying the soil on snails and remove them.
  2. Voles are active all year round. Combating mice is more effective in winter. In addition there are special mouse baits in the specialized trade.
  3. Glue rings on trees should always be free of leaves so that no frost tensioners can overcome the traps and get into the tree top.
  4. To prevent apple scab, you should always dispose of autumn leaves. The apple scab overwinters in the foliage.
  5. If you discover red spots on woody plants in winter, you should remove the branches that have such spots. This is namely the red pustule. If it is not removed, it can spread further and affect the rest of the tree or bush.

Also, don't forget to regularly check potted plants that are in the house, basement or conservatory for wintering.


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