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Winter ornamental grasses - how it is done

Winter ornamental grasses - how it is done

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When winter is just around the corner, there is still a lot to do in the garden. After all, the garden has to be winterized. So that ornamental grasses can hibernate properly, you should not cut them back.

Ornamental grasses should not be cut off in winter

Do not cut ornamental grasses
Many hobby gardeners are now using the secateurs and cutting back dried plants. But that can also be wrong. Because own foliage is often the best protection. This is especially true for all types of ornamental grasses. Whether zebra grass, Chinese reed or lamp cleaning grass - you should not cut these plants back in autumn, but leave them standing. Instead, tie the grasses up and in the middle with a strong cord. This will prevent snow from pushing the grass apart. This also gives the grasses better protection from the cold.

Protect ornamental grasses with leaves
However, when winter gets very cold, you should cover the soil around the grass with fleece. So nothing can really happen anymore. Alternatively, you can rake up leaves and stack them into a small pile. The grasses are so much better protected against frostbite and will grow great again next year.