Planting autumn raspberries - what do you have to consider?

Planting autumn raspberries - what do you have to consider?

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Anyone who has raspberries in the garden knows that the snack time is over from August. If you plant autumn raspberries, you can snack until November.

Never plant cuttings of autumn raspberries

No raspberry beetle infestation
In contrast to summer raspberries, autumn raspberries have one advantage: they also get fruit on the shoots that only emerged in the same year. Otherwise this is not the case with other raspberry varieties. The summer raspberries only float on the shoots that grew in the previous year. But this way you have plenty of fruit in autumn. Another advantage: since the fruits ripen very late, you can no longer be attacked by the raspberry beetle, which leaves the well-known maggots in the raspberries. When the autumn raspberry begins to bloom, the autumn beetle will no longer lay eggs.

Plant autumn raspberries on small hills
As with traditional raspberries, you should plant and pile the autumn raspberries on a small hill. They like it sunny and do not tolerate waterlogging. It is best to always use young plants and not offshoots from older plants, since there are usually many fungi and viruses on these raspberry plants. It is therefore better if you buy the young plants. At least you can be sure that the plants are not infected by pathogens.