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Garden shears test - test winner comes from GARDENA

Garden shears test - test winner comes from GARDENA

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Test winner among the secateurs: GARDENA Comfort Smart Cut 8798

Secateurs are among the most commonly used utensils when it comes to caring for the garden. Stiftung Warentest has now put 17 pruning shears and 11 pruning shears to the test and identified the test winner among them. We have also put together the most important criteria that you should consider when buying secateurs.

If you want to keep your garden in check, pruning shears are essential. It is particularly suitable when you want to cut back small branches or flowers. They are practical because you only need one hand to use them. It looks different with the pruning shears. They are more suitable for thick branches with a diameter of 2 centimeters or more. Stiftung Warentest has now tested both garden shears and pruning shears for their durability. The result: Almost all cheap garden shears and pruning shears failed the test.

test history
Of course, the focus of the test was on cutting. Each individual secateurs had to work its way 6,000 times through a beechwood stick with a diameter of 1 centimeter. The pruning shears, however, 6000 times through a 2 cm thick beechwood stick.

The sharpness and the sliding properties of the blades are particularly important with garden shears. However, what was particularly negative in the test was the fact that many of the models tested did not cut the wood, but squeezed it. In use, these secateurs would damage the bark of a tree. Some other models, on the other hand, didn't even make it past the test's finish line. They either broke or the handle deformed.

The pruning shears made a better impression. Thanks to their long handles, they allow you to achieve optimal leverage when cutting, making cutting child's play. The pruning shears did not break apart or deform, but the cutting force decreased significantly over time.

Controlling pollutants
As if it wasn't enough to be able to pinch your fingers with some secateurs and pruning shears, Stiftung Warentest even found pollutants in a few handles. For example, the handle of the pruning shears from Lux contained too many plasticizers.

Buy secateurs - what you should pay attention to:
Basically, you should know that there are secateurs with two different cutting systems. A distinction is made between anvil shears and bypass shears. With anvil shears, the blade hits the when cutting anvil, They are particularly suitable for hardwood. With the bypass scissors, two cutting edges move past each other. They are good for fresh green.

Pruning shears should always be comfortable in your hand. So it must not be too big and not too small. The secateurs should be in your hand so that you can easily use all your fingers to cut them. This is the only way to ensure the highest possible power transmission. Otherwise, if the secateurs are too small, you could pinch your fingers. Always make sure when buying that right-handed people do not accidentally buy secateurs for left-handed people.

An easy-to-use lock is also important for your safety. If you stand on a ladder, for example, you won't be able to fiddle around with the secateurs for a long time until the lock finally snaps shut.

If you choose more expensive secateurs, you should make sure that you can also buy spare parts for them. In particular, the wearing parts such as blades, springs and locks can be bought on some models.

Test winners come from Gardena and Fiskar

Best garden shears from Gardena
The GARDENA Comfort Smart Cut 8798 cut off as the best secateurs. In particular, the switchable ratchet, which makes it possible to cut a branch piece by piece, was noticed positively in the test. The only drawback: in the handle of the secateurs there are harmful substances. However, the many positive properties of the secateurs predominated in the evaluation, so that Stiftung Warentest was able to award the Gardena Comfort Smart Cut 8798 the quality rating GUT (1.7).

»To the top 20 garden shears & pruning shears

Best pruning shears from Fiskars
One of the smallest and lightest models was able to snatch first place in the pruning shears. Fiskars Power Gear bypass gear pruner scored with the quality rating GOOD (1.7). Very little effort is required when using these pruning shears. In the category Controlling pollutants it was the only pruning shear to receive a very good rating (1.5).

If you want to buy good secateurs or pruning shears, you should spend a little more money on it. You should therefore keep an eye out for the models from the manufacturers GARDENA, WOLF and FELCO, especially when it comes to quality. Although they cost around 20 to 40 euros, you can at least be sure that the models from these manufacturers do not fall apart when used.