Crown of fame - flowers like a crown

Crown of fame - flowers like a crown

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Anyone who wants to bring a real beauty to the garden is well advised with the crown of fame. The attractive flower, however, needs some care.

Crowns of fame bloom beautifully

The crown of glory (Gloriosa superba), also called Gloriosa, lives up to its name! Their flowers are wonderful to look at because they actually resemble a crown. And these start with a strong yellow and end in a bright red, which really looks more beautiful. The crown of fame is something very special and a real highlight in the garden. However, it is one of the highly poisonous plants, which is why families with children or pets should keep away from the flower. Everyone else can make the plant an eye catcher in the garden with a little care.

How to properly care for the climbing plant


You can also put the plant on the terrace, but due to the warmth in rooms or conservatories it blooms more profusely. Keep in mind that the crown of fame cannot stand temperature fluctuations and fluctuations in air humidity. This can be seen from the fact that the flower has brown spots on the buds and young leaves. From September onwards, the crown of fame sheds its leaves completely and prepares itself for hibernation.

To water:

From July, the plant delights its owner with charming flowers. However, in order to get this far, you have to put a lot of emphasis on the appropriate care. It starts with the watering. Here you should save a little with the water, because too much moisture can cause the rhizomes of the plant to rot. The bigger the crown of fame, the more water it needs. So constantly increase watering.


During the entire growth phase, i.e. from May to September, it is advisable to fertilize the crown of fame once a week. It is best to use liquid fertilizer.


From August, the shoots and flowers of the crown of fame slowly begin to wither. In this way, the plant prepares for hibernation. If everything has wilted, only the tuber remains. You can leave them in the pot or take them out and spend the winter in a box with sand. No matter what you choose, it is important that you subsequently overwinter the tubers in a cooler room. This can e.g. the basement or the hallway. The temperatures must not drop below 15 degrees Celsius. During this time, you do not need to fertilize or water the tubers.


If you want the crown of fame to shine in new splendor, i.e. transplant it into a new pot, then early spring is the best time for it. At the end of the winter resting period, you can simply put the bulb in a new planter. Pay attention to a planting depth of approx. 5 centimeters.

Important: Always wear gloves!

As already mentioned, the crown of fame is a poisonous plant. For example, if you want to repot or cut them to put them in a vase, always wear gloves. The poison content is highest in the tuber, but the poison content in the shoots is sufficient to cause symptoms of poisoning. So please always wear gloves before touching the plant.


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