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Vegetable care in autumn

Vegetable care in autumn

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Radishes can also be planted in autumn

When the days get shorter and the nights get colder, the vegetables in the greenhouse also need special care. The season is far from over, because from September you can still plant fast-growing vegetables. These include, for example, radishes or lettuces that are ripe in five to six weeks.

However, you should observe the following rules:
As the weather changes from September, the days can still be hot, but the nights are quite cool, you should provide ventilation during the day and close the doors early in the evening. Ventilate, yes, but please no drafts, because the plants cannot tolerate this. You should continue watering the plants regularly, but not too much and preferably several times a day. Waterlogging would be completely unhealthy for the vegetables. In the late afternoon, you should stop watering. You should also no longer fertilize the plants. Vegetables that are still growing are among the weak feeders, which means that the nutrients contained in the soil are completely sufficient for growth.