When the earth sags

When the earth sags

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Flowers have to be replanted

Do you know the phenomenon? The most beautiful plants are in the flower bed and suddenly the earth sinks beneath them. The plants slide and hang skewed in the bed. In the garden, you could assume that these are voles, which undermine the bed and slide down the earth. But what does it mean if this happens in the greenhouse or in the winter garden? Then you don't need to panic at first, because you certainly don't have voles there.

Organic components in the earth
If plants only grow under a glass, organic constituents in the soil will decompose. The volume shrinks and the earth sinks. Anyone who comes up with the idea of ​​simply pouring new earth should avoid doing so. This can lead to putrefaction. Here you cannot avoid digging up and replanting the plants. Bananas, palm trees and strelitzia are an exception. These plants don't mind if you pile up the earth.