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5 lighting ideas for your garden

5 lighting ideas for your garden

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Chinese lanterns: a beautiful eye-catcher! A garden is not only used during the day, but is also an eye-catcher at dusk and in the dark if you work with different light sources. Only an illuminated terrace is boring and even a simple lamp on the house wall does not really showcase the garden. Therefore, let your imagination run wild.

We help you with the following 5 ideas:

1. Hang lanterns in the trees. Especially the lanterns, which are lit with candles, flicker wonderfully in the trees.

2. Set light selectively. Distribute points of light throughout the garden, either with an underground power strip or with torches. You can of course attach the latter in all corners of the garden.

3. Attach fairy lights in trees or bushes. They look particularly beautiful when they wrap you around branches and recreate the shape of the tree. Alternatively, you can put a net of lights over the tree or shrub.

4. Light effects in the floor. Let LEDs in the floor that shine from the bottom up and conjure up a very special light.

5. Fluorescent stones. These are very popular because they are charged by the sun and you don't need electricity. You can put them anywhere in the garden.


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