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Brown buds on the rhododendron

Brown buds on the rhododendron

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Brown buds on the rhododendron are not only annoying, they also destroy the plant. The trigger is the rhododenic cicada, which you have to tackle.

Cicadas usually cause brown buds - did you know that there are about 1000 different types of rhododendrons? One is likely to bloom more beautifully than the other, provided the plant is healthy.

If you discover brown or black buds on your rhododendron, you can be sure that the plant is infected by a fungus. The reason for the defective fungal attack is the rhododendron cicada. The buds dry out, get small stingers and unfortunately no longer bloom. This is of course very annoying and it is important to act. In order to save the plant, pesticides are often used quickly. I personally advise from the chemical mace from.

What is a rhododendron cicada?

Triggers for brown buds: the rhogodendron cicada - the rhododendron cicada is an insect that is only 8 to 9 mm in size. Despite its tiny size, the cicada can do great damage. The cicadas prick the still closed flower in June to August, lay their eggs and infect them with a fungus. This often leads to the death of the flower. The following year, the rhododendron stopped blooming.

Tips against brown buds on the rhododendron