Increase angel trumpets - step by step instructions

Increase angel trumpets - step by step instructions

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Increase angel trumpets - how it works!

If you have angel trumpets in the garden, you can count yourself lucky because they are a feast for the eyes of every gardener and definitely an eye-catcher. If you can't get enough of it or would like to have your own angel trumpet and get a cutting from your neighbor, you can Propagate angel's trumpets very easily, And that's how it works:

  1. Cut a tip about 15 centimeters long on a healthy branch. It is best to cut directly under a leaf attachment.
  2. Now remove all the remaining leaves from the stem, except for the top three leaves.
  3. Finally, put the cuttings in growing soil so that two leaf roots are underground. Now it doesn't take long and the first roots form.

If the plant is strong enough, it can be put in the garden. That shouldn't happen too soon. It is best if you bring the plant indoors in winter.


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