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Tips against deficiency symptoms in plants

Tips against deficiency symptoms in plants

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Deficiency symptoms are easy to recognize

plants can tell you if you are missing something. These warnings should then be taken seriously and the appropriate measures taken. Here we present 4 deficiency in front:

  1. Pale leaves: You might think autumn is coming. But if your plants lose their leaf green in spring or summer, this is the unmistakable sign that there is a lack of nitrogen here. Liquid fertilizer in the irrigation water can already provide a sufficient remedy.
  2. Light leaves with dark spots: Here the plant lacks magnesium. Either add separately or use a complete fertilizer that contains increased magnesium.
  3. Yellow leaves: Here, too, autumn is far from coming. An iron deficiency is the cause here. Especially when the leaves turn yellow but the leaf veins are still green. Fertilize accordingly here too.
  4. Brown leaf margins: One often thinks that the plant would get too little water. But potassium deficiency is to blame here. You can't avoid a fertilizer.

Fertilize properly and specifically and you will always have healthy plants.


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