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Help with encrusted soil

Help with encrusted soil

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The soil becomes encrusted through longer periods of drought

Rain is good for the plants and is needed regularly, but it also does work. Namely, if after a long dry period the rain can no longer penetrate the ground or the Bottom encrusted and no more water comes to the roots.

We all know that: The floor looks smooth, but the water runs off immediately without getting deep into the floor.

Immediately loosen the soil
If you notice this, you should quickly pick up a hoe or cultivator. Because then it is high time to loosen the soil so that water can penetrate again and supply the roots. When chopping, make sure that you don't damage the roots.

Mulch layer brings help
A so-called pickaxe is best suited for closely planted beds. If you want to save yourself from loosening the soil, apply a mulch layer that stores moisture, prevents it from flowing away and stores water for the roots even after several days of rain.