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Spring cleaning in the winter garden

Spring cleaning in the winter garden

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Before plants that have wintered in the winter garden are allowed to go outside again, they need an all-round check.

Belonging to spring cleaning: repotting plants March is the month in which you should think about spring cleaning. However, we don't mean the one in the house, which is also important, but has nothing to do with plants. It is meant Spring cleaning in the winter garden or in the greenhouse.

Many plants hibernate there that are not hardy and are just waiting to finally be allowed to go outside again. Before it happens, you should do an all-round check:

  1. Check the plants for pests. If you discover any, then fight in good time before the young buds are infected.
  2. It is best to repot overwintered plants, unless they are replanted in the bed. Alternatively, you can also replace the top layer of earth. This way the plant receives new nutrients.
  3. Dried branches are cut off, crowns should only be cut shortly before the new shoots.

A few small tips that will gratefully accept the plants and let them bloom again.


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