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Transplanting an old tree - is that possible?

Transplanting an old tree - is that possible?

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It is best to get a specialist to do this

Very old trees are often offered in nurseries, which can be planted in the private garden. So it is already clear that one transplant old tree can. However, these trees in tree nurseries are transplanted every three to about four years, known in technical jargon as training.

If the trees are professionally trained here, the outer root areas are removed at the same time and the remaining ones are stimulated to develop new suction roots. With this regular training, a compact and well-rooted bale is achieved, which ultimately guarantees the tree at the last location in the private garden a good chance of growing.

Bring a specialist to the tree
If, on the other hand, old trees that have never been trained before are moved into your own garden, the risks are much higher. The root system has not been pruned here, so it is less dense and, in the worst case, it is not even possible to cut out a compact bale when transplanting.

If you want to transplant an old tree in your own garden, you should not do this on your own, but rather instead commission a specialized company so that the tree survives the move well and without subsequent damage.