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Cut more blooming roses

Cut more blooming roses

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More blooming roses need a pruning

Roses need pruning, even if it is sometimes difficult. A distinction is made between single flowering and more often blooming roses, For those who make us happy several times a year, you have to be careful that the shoots don't go wrong.

Cut the annual wood in the spring
If this is the case, then quickly pick up the scissors, preferably a little earlier. You have to jump over your shadow and cut the annual wood in spring. This prevents abundant flowering in early summer, but more flowers are added in late summer.

Cut scaffold drives
The scaffold should also be aligned. To do this, leave six to eight strong scaffolding drives, cut off the rest close to the ground. The remaining ones should be cut up to about half. This prevents the roses from shooting upwards, and they then put their strength more intensely into the root shoot.

Shorten side shoots
The side shoots should also be shortened, but only on the outside. They should be left on the inside so that the rose does not go bald. If it is dwarf shrub roses, you have to do without a filigree cut because the tangle of shoots is too large. Here is roughly cut. Similar to a hedge with secateurs.


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