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Cut back lilac for vigorous growth

Cut back lilac for vigorous growth

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Always cut back lilac after flowering

In contrast to summer lilac, which blooms for several months, the ordinary continues lilac flowers only once a year that bloom in spring. After the flowers are over, these flowers should be planted until the first leaves cut back.

Flowers form seeds
The reason: The flowers form seeds that remain on the plant and thus are in direct competition with the new buds next year. You should also cut back shoots that have not bloomed at all until the next shoot.

So the lilac grows stronger
In addition, you can stimulate lilac to grow more compact and even stronger. This is usually done with lilac, which has been around for several years. For this purpose, the shoots are cut to two thirds of the length in spring.

So you don't have to expect flowering in the current year, but you can be sure that the following year the flowers will be all the more lush and large. In addition, wild shoots that grow next to the main plant should be removed, including the root. Anyone who just cuts off the shoot on the ground stimulates growth even more.