Planting chives in a pot - 8 care tips

Planting chives in a pot - 8 care tips

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In order to be able to harvest fresh herbs even in winter, you can chives Plant in a pot, Here, however, you have to follow some care tips so that the chives can also thrive.

Tip 1:
First of all, don't make the mistake of putting too many seeds in one pot. Then the plants suffocate. A few seeds are enough, because chives need a lot of space and air.

Tip 2:
Always plant chives separately and not together with other herbs.

Tip 3:
Keep the soil moist and do not leave the pot in the sun.

Tip 4:
You can use universal soil for the soil.

Tip 5:
The pot needs holes in the bottom to prevent waterlogging.

Tip 6:
The chives must be watered regularly to water the plant from below.

Tip 7:
Stale water can be used for watering.

Tip 8:
Feed chives once a month. Liquid fertilizer is suitable here.


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