Lawn fertilizer - long-term fertilizer for beautiful lawn

Lawn fertilizer - long-term fertilizer for beautiful lawn

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Lawn fertilizer is essential if you want to have a nice lawn. It should be fertilized in autumn and spring.

If you are looking for fertilizer in specialist shops, the shelves are full to the brim. There are of course different ones fertilizer typessuch as the lawn fertilizer, It is precisely tailored to the needs of a healthy lawn.

Lawn fertilizer is usually a Fertilizerbecause it has a hard shell that has to weather until the fertilizer can be released. This cover is made of resin. Depending on the fertilizer, it can take two to six months for it to weather.

Fertilize lawns in autumn and spring

So you only have to fertilize the lawn twice a season. Many lawn fertilizers also contain parts that go into the soil to provide it with nutrients immediately.

The fertilizer can be spread both in autumn and in early spring. Thus, the lawn is already supplied with nutrients before spring care and can grow even better.

Distribute lawn fertilizer evenly

However, you should be skilled in spreading so that you spread it evenly. If you don't dare to do that, you should definitely use a spreader. Make sure, however, that the spreading paths do not overlap, because at these points it is easy to over-fertilize and thus burn the lawn.