Avocado gets brown leaves - causes & treatment tips

Avocado gets brown leaves - causes & treatment tips

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An avocado plant can still be looked after and cared for - sometimes it still gets brown leaves. And that can have several causes.

Avocados are fairly easy to keep

Compared to many other exotic plants, the avocado is fairly easy to keep. Nevertheless, it can occasionally get brown leaves. This can be the result of various causes. For example, Waterlogging or a lack of water, too much or too little fertilizer or the wrong location can be to blame. Of course, there is a simple solution to all of these problems.

Causes & treatment tips

Waterlogging / lack of water:

Brown leaves can appear on an avocado due to too much moisture. The plant can only tolerate moderate moisture. So pour relatively little. However, brown leaf tips can also be a sign of a lack of water.


If young avocado plants have been over-fertilized, the leaves can also turn brown. Accordingly, only provide the plant with moderate nutrients. For example, two fertilizer sticks are often too much.


Brown leaves also arise from an incorrect location. For example, if the avocado is on a south-facing window, it could be that it is sunburned. It is best not to place the avocado plant too dark, but in a bright location (but not in the sun).