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3 tips so that self-sowing works

3 tips so that self-sowing works

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Marigolds sow themselves

There are plants in our gardens that sow themselves year after year. These include sunflowers, marigolds, forget-me-nots and the beautiful foxglove. But it may be that not every plant does this as a gardener would like it to. So that in the future you too can even sowing of plants can benefit from the following three tips:

  1. Leave certain areas in the garden messy and do not pluck every plant that looks out of the ground. After all, nobody knows all plants and often does not know that the supposed weed should become a pretty flower.
  2. Keep an eye out for slugs. These voracious beasts not only stick to lettuce, strawberries or vegetables in the garden, but also destroy plants before you know which they were.
  3. Do not cut off faded plants immediately, but let them stand for a while. If you cut too early, you may also remove the existing seeds. So you can wait a long time for youngsters.

Simple tips to care for many offspring the following year.