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Multiply canna from seeds - explained step by step

Multiply canna from seeds - explained step by step

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Growing or multiplying cannas from seeds is possible with some species, but it is somewhat complex. However, it only takes a little skill and patience.


Growing cannas from seeds is not that easy. But if you dare and can do it, you can pat yourself on the shoulder and be proud of yourself. It's not a high art, but it's not that easy. And there aren't that many who bother. Most prefer to grow their cannas from tubers, as it is easy and quick to make.

This type of propagation is definitely useful if you want to breed new varieties. Before you can put the seed pearls in small flower pots, you have to do some preliminary work. Simply follow the instructions below when sowing or growing.

This is how you can multiply cannas from seeds

The best time for sowing: from January to mid-February

➤ Step 1:

The seed coat itself is very hard, which means that the seeds take a long time to germinate. Because of this, it is advisable to grind the seeds carefully. This makes germination faster and it is possible to put the young plants outdoors in the same year.

When sanding, you have to remove the black seed coat so far that the white inside is visible. However, you must not damage the ovule under any circumstances. For example, a file or sandpaper is suitable for sanding. It can help to fix the seeds, as some pressure is required here. Needle nose pliers can be very useful.

➤ Step 2:

After grinding, place the seeds to swell in a bowl of water. They now stay there for two days.

➤ Step 3:

Now you can put the seeds in pots with flower or potting soil. Then either place them in a room greenhouse or slip them on with plastic bags. This way you protect the seeds from drying out.


Cannas prefer a warm substrate, which is why a location above a heater or on a heating mat is recommended. You also have to make sure that the substrate is always moist and loose. In addition, no waterlogging may occur.

➤ Step 4:

After germination, you can remove the cover and continue cultivating the pots on the windowsill. As soon as the roots of the plant grow out of the bottom of the pot, you can move the canna into a pot up to two sizes larger.

➤ Step 5:

Then wait until the last frosts are over, because then you can put the young plants outdoors. However, since they like to get sunburnt, it is recommended to put the Canna in the shade. Alternatively, you can cover the plants with garden fleece for a few days. Reading tip: Plant and care for canna - this is how it's done.