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Trees in winter - care and protection for the cold season

Trees in winter - care and protection for the cold season

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Usually the garden hibernates during the cold season. However, there are still shrubs and shrubs that bloom properly in winter.

The winter in Germany is a surprise every year, because while it is freezing cold in other areas, temperatures in this country can still be above plus. Normally you leave the garden alone in winter, but there are trees that can delight us with their flowers in December. A little care is needed, however, so that you can experience the “second spring”.

Don't buy small plants

The first thing to watch out for when buying hardy trees is the size of the plants. Small specimens are usually significantly cheaper, but are also much more susceptible. You do not yet have enough strength, the risk that they will die is great.

Pay attention to the correct planting time

Furthermore, you have to consider the correct planting time. Even if it is usually said that you can always plant, unless it is too dry and too hot, with young plants such as hibiscus, maple or beard flower it is better to strictly adhere to the time of planting in April and May.

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Protect trees in winter - straw and fleece help

Help the trees survive the cold winter by covering the plants with straw or a mat made of fleece. This wraps the wood. This should be done at the latest in December and not removed too early. In spring, when the days are very warm, there can still be night frost. For smaller trees, a layer of mulch or brushwood is enough. As long as there is no frost, it is always good to water the trees sufficiently.


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